i’m into it #1

i’m into it #1

faves 1.1

Decided to try sharing some of the products/items I’m into lately. Here goes…¬†(They are in no particular order, except the first one!!!)

1. Megababe Thigh Rescue

I thought of writing a post about just this because it’s that good. As one does, I started looking up anti-thigh-chaffing products last year when I realized that that was what was going on with my legs, but didn’t buy any because what difference does it really make anyway might as well suffer and not wear the stuff I wanna wear when I wanna wear it ūüė¶

So then, this year, I got a bit less self-deprecating and looked up anti-chaff options again.¬†Megababe Thigh Rescue seemed to have the best reviews, I put a container on hold at Ulta, and went all the way to 86th street to get it. IT WAS WORTH IT. I went out that very humid night in shorts and walked around a lot (this just happened to happen, but made for the perfect test), and I WAS FINE. No chaffing, no nothing. It smells good too, but¬†very light, which is perfect. If you are in denial about the cure for thigh chaffing and don’t want to wear bike shorts, buy this!

2. Urban Decay Beached Vice Lipstick in 100 Degrees

faves 1.2

This I got from the beauty editors at my now-old job and it’s great. It goes on so smoothly, is the perfect amount of color, and isn’t matte but also isn’t too glossy. It also doesn’t wear off in a weird uneven way.

3. Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel

I never used witch hazel before getting this, but since I was wanting to buy a toner again and heard good things about this one, I thought I’d try it. I’m really loving it. First, it smells¬†so good. I never thought I was a rose person, but between this and the rose scent of the Dr. Bronner’s soap, I’ve changed. My skin texture had been feeling really uneven and I think this really helped. And, it’s really refreshing!

4. Dove Body Polish

faves 1.3

Dove was giving these out in my office building, so obviously I was going to take one no matter what. I tried the Pomegranate and Shea Butter and it is pretty strong smelling (kind of like cake icing?) and not the sort of thing I’d normally go for, but something about that makes it feel extra pampering. My skin feels super soft after using it and some, but not too much, of the smell remains.

5. Target Slide Sandals

faves 1.4

I went back and forth on these for a while. Would they stay on? Would they get dirty immediately because they’re yellow microsuede? Well, yeah, they did get a little dirty pretty quickly, but I still really like them. They’re so easy. And they¬†do stay on. (Btw, they come in five colors¬†and I may or may not have just also bought the red ones…)



10 Stars

I’ll keep this simple: I keep seeing a bunch of star-print shit everywhere and it’s cute, so here’s a bunch of it that I’ve gathered because I am a serial online window shopper.

All of the above are Old Navy. I actually bought the pants myself, because I was already looking for workout pants and Old Navy is the only place I buy them. I’d already been collecting links for a ~star post~ at that point, so they were my one actually practical star-printed purchase. I would have also bought those flats probably if they came in my size, especially since with Old Navy’s Black Friday sale they would have only been $14.

Worth noting: Most of these are on sale right now because of Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Old Navy Just Always Being On Sale. And do me a personal favor and just buy the curtains. I really don’t need more. I only have four windows.