bathroom update

bathroom update


Ahhhh! It’s been a month since I posted. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I wrote a post about the state of the bathroom at the time we moved in nine months ago (how?!), along with some ideas I had for it. And, apparently, I was very optimistic about how much I would actually do, including painting the whole thin. Well… that did not happen.

Also, the bathroom did change between when I posted those original pics and when I updated things yesterday. I got rid of that random stuff that was left here when we moved in, and it became more comfortable for us, but the biggest change is that we just had a clear shower curtain until now. I became a passionate clear shower curtain proponent at our previous apartment because the window was in the shower, so I felt like it kept the space more light and open to just use the liner.

Now, though, I’ve changed, basically because… banana leaves!! (Also the window isn’t in the shower, so I stopped being stubborn.)

Here is a look at how the bathroom looked up until yesterday:

And now:


I added this shower curtain I got on Amazon, and The Two Fridas have made their way from the kitchen. (Is it a page from a calendar in a frame meant for a record… maybe.)

The white curtain is the Ritva from Ikea. I’m not totally sold on it for the bathroom, because I think it might be too thick. I bought two packs of these since I plan to use them in the bedroom too, so if I decide to get something lighter weight — still plain white — for the bathroom, I can just return the unopened pack. I do like the texture a lot, just looking at the before pic, that thin curtain did have a nicer flow to it and felt like it took up less space.


As you can tell, our bathroom is pretty small. Took this pic by reaching my arm as high as I could into the air in the corner.

That’s it for now!

Putting Stuff In Boxes

The last time I wrote here was about two weeks ago and I was struggling with figuring out whether we would be moving or not… Well, turns out we are. We’re not moving into what I had been referring to as the “big kitchen apartment” before. (Bear in mind, this was only New York “big,” which is to say “can fit a table and be comfortably hung out in.”) Instead, we are moving to a place right around the corner from where we are now that has a shared yard (a not very well kept shared yard, but I’ve got nothing right now!) AND *drumroll please* ALLOWS SMALL DOGS!!! No, we do not have a small dog, but we talk about getting one constantly so having the option alone already feels like a triumph. Also, I think I can fit a very small table in the kitchen.

Anyway, for the past few days, I’ve been putting stuff in boxes and now it’s the night before we start actually moving the stuff in the boxes and it feels like there’s SO MUCH LEFT. Can you be bad at moving or is everyone just bad at moving? There is a lot of confusion this time around, including the fact that apparently we are able to move tomorrow when a mere four hours ago I thought we had to wait to do most of it on Thursday. Yay management companies! :/

On the bright side.. uh… this will all be over soon? I’m ready to just BE there. On another possibly bright side, this coincided weirdly with the timing of me starting this blog, so it really feels like I have a fresh start as to what I’m sharing with the new apartment, especially because we are getting rid of some of very old hand-me-down or second-hand-and-has-also-lived-through-at-least-four-apartments furniture. I really want to start posting more photos on here, too. If you want to imagine what I would post right now, it’s a living room covered in junk and liquor store moving boxes.

Right now, I’m going to try to chill and watch This Is Us even though my mind is racing wondering how this is all gonna work out. Hoping that putting some of this down here will help!

Getting Antsy

Well, things have taken a little bit of a turn over here. While Michael and I had spent some time recently talking about things like getting a new bed (to move from a full to a queen, which I think would feel giant at this point) and doing some other updates around the house, it now looks like we may have to find a new place.

We’ve been between leases for a while now because our landlord has been hard to reach as far as scheduling a time to resign. This was already annoying, but a couple days ago, we started having water damage in the kitchen again and while we’ve sent urgent messages in a variety of forms, we haven’t heard anything back. Basically, water seeps into the ceiling/upper wall in the kitchen because of some sort of plumbing issue. This had happened in the past but never got repaired (again, it’s hard to get in touch about scheduling things around here), so now it’s happening again.

We went and looked at a couple places today because we were like, well shit, maybe we should just move, it would be much easier to do while not in a lease. Mostly, the places were insanely small or just plain weird. We did find one we like. My only issue with it is that it would be quite a bit further from the subway than we are currently. Michael wasn’t into the layout because it doesn’t really have a designated living room. It’s marketed as a two bedroom and if it was used as such that would mean that the kitchen was the common area. For us, though, we would use one “bedroom” as the living room and have a large kitchen, something I’d be really excited about since the one we have now is so small. The idea of having a table and chairs in a kitchen in New York would be completely new to me. I also just love hanging out in a kitchen (I picture a lot of wine drinking) and this setup would mean that we get that plus a second hang out area with the living room. Andddd it wouldn’t be an open floor plan. I’m not a big fan of those and I think this particular setup could be really cozy.

This sounds pretty great, right? Well, there’s a problem and that’s that I sometimes make rash decisions and am pretty good at talking myself into things — and with something like an apartment in New York where it’s very hard to find an apartment you like within your budget I very easily start feeling like we HAVE to take action fast lest we miss out.

So, here I am sitting in my water damage-y apartment on a Sunday night obsessively thinking about how it would be cool to have the other apartment’s larger bathroom that would allow for more storage or how the fact that it has more closets would mean I didn’t have to use a rolling rack. Plus, there’s the big kitchen… And my mind goes on and on like that.

We haven’t taken any action yet as far as putting down a deposit or deciding we’re definitely leaving here, but we did message our landlord that we would have to go if the issues here aren’t worked out really soon. I’m hoping we will have some sort of resolution tomorrow with it being the next weekday and we can choose what direction in which to move forward. (And hope that the big kitchen apartment isn’t already taken.) (It probably is.)