a week-ish of outfits #4

a week-ish of outfits #4

If there’s one blog-related thing I’ve been keeping up with recently, it’s taking a pic of my outfit in my (poorly lit) mirror. So, I’ve got another week-ish of outfitsAnd I’m not even going to be unnecessarily long-winded before getting into the pics this time. (This doesn’t count.)

Items that are still available are linked

For: A press junket for work
Wore: Gap blazer (similar), Bershka T-shirt, ASOS boots, Gap jeans

For: Getting a drink with Michael
Wore: Thrifted jacket, Gap sweater, Gap jeans, Steve Madden boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag

For: Seeing Parasite
Wore: Uniqlo sweater, Gap jeans, ASOS boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag

For: Regular day stuff, then dinner with a friend
Wore: Madewell jacket, H&M sweater, Gap jeans, Vans

For: Same as above, but with different friend
Wore: Madewell jacket, J.Crew shirt (via Poshmark), Gap jeans, Vans

a week-ish of outfits #3

a week-ish of outfits #3

I recently started posting my outfits on Instagram, with the idea being that if I like looking at other people’s outfits on Instagram so much, then why shouldn’t I join in? That’s how I got into this blogging thing the first time around (way, way back when) and used to post on things like My Style Diary and Lookbook. Instagram is just weird, though, because it’s not specifically for that, so it feels like I’m also showing pictures of my outfits to friends who were just expecting my dog or random life stuff. It’s a different audience, in a way? I think this whole fashion blogging thing just takes me back to the old things are more anonymous on the internet days, so it feels like things should be more separate, even though they shouldn’t necessarily.

ANYWAY, that’s a long way of saying: Here are some recent outfits I wore. This is more like some outfits over two weeks-ish, because I waited too long to post, then got sick.

Linking the things that still exist:

#1: Levi’s shorts (Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal line), Old Navy button-up, Vans, Chloé bag

#2: Thrifted T-shirt, Old Navy jeans, Kork-ease sandals, Forever 21 bag

#3: Dash T-shirt (RIP), H&M shorts, Target slides, Rebecca Minkoff bag

#4: Thrifted jean jacket, H&M tank top, Aerie leggings, Adidas slides

#5: Mango “coatigan” (similar), Norma Kamali x Walmart sweatshirt from 11 years ago, Michael’s old gray H&M T-shirt, Gap jeans, Vans

a week-ish of outfits #2

a week-ish of outfits #2

But Lia, what if you never post a “week-ish of outfits” again? What if it’s weird to put “#2” because the first week of outfits didn’t have a number in the title? What if one day you gain the power of consistency and it actually is a week of outfits rather than sort of a week?

These are the types of things that go through my head simply from titling a blog post.(Deciding what tags to put is another story. What if one day you gain the power of consistency and you wish you’d categorized things better?!) But, really, I just have to push all that aside because otherwise I won’t write any posts. (See: the large gaps in posts that this blog already has and which I am trying to fight off with my new year’s resolution.)

Anyway, I took a week-ish worth of photos of what I wore around the first week of April, which makes them spring-ish outfits. I just wanted to share to slightly greater success than I did here. Movin’ on up! Just think, one day I’ll move all the shit that’s next to and in front of the mirror!

I’ll link the stuff that still exists.

#1: Madewell jacket, Old Navy shirt, Gap jeans, Forever 21 bag, ASOS boots (Am I doing this right?? I’m rusty.)

#2 Random-brand-on-Amazon-because-I-had-a-gift-card-several-years-ago trench coat, Old Navy jeans, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Dolce Vita (via Poshmark) boots

#3 Madewell jacket, Gap T-shirt, Gap jeans, thrifted belt, ASOS boots, Alexander Wang bag

(A note on the Madewell jacket: I LOVE IT. I had never shopped at Madewell before and this was a splurge for me, but I wear it all the time. It’s one of those things where you don’t realize right away how versatile it is. It’s sold out, but just did a quick search and there are a few on Poshmark.)

These two were the same day, which is one of the reasons this is “week-ish”.

#4 H&M shirt, Old Navy jacket, Gap jeans, Forever 21 bag, Vans

#5 H&M sweatshirt, Old Navy jeans, Old Navy jacket, Forever 21 bag, Steve Madden boots

Did I do it?

spring/summer additions

spring/summer additions

It’s Sunday and the last day in March, and I finally lit a fire under my ass (or… sat on my couch with old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes playing in the background) and decided to write a post. Hello!

Similar to what I wrote about back in the fall, I recently looked through all of my clothes and shoes again and got rid of things that I’m either not wearing — these were donated — or that were falling apart/undonate-able — these were taken to the H&M fabric recycling program. This was my second time taking things to be recycled there, and it’s very convenient because they take any type of clothing, no matter the condition. (Plus, you get a 15% off coupon.) The only thing is, they don’t accept shoes.

I’m still very happy with not just needlessly holding on to things. I also have been shopping less, but I have a few specific things in mind now that it’s getting warmer. (Sort of.)


For some these, I’m being sure to check secondhand — Poshmark and thrifting — and for things like the plain white T-shirt, I have a Old Navy gift card that I’ve had for a while that I could use.

A lot of this is self-explanatory (a white button-up shirt? what is that?), but I thought I would include what I’m thinking for a couple things.


My black and white checked Vans died (RIP), and to replace them I really like these light tan and white ones (the color is called”Frappe”). Unfortunately, they’re out of stock in every size except one. (If you’re an 11.5, act fast!) I’m hoping they come back in stock, but if not I’m considering them in “Desert Sage”.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 3.39.27 PM

If I was to go ahead and order a blazer new, this one from ASOS would be it. I really like this burnt orange color, and can picture wearing it with blue denim sorts. For now, I have been checking out Poshmark for a similar one, but we shall see.


I always think I want a white dress with some sort of eyelet situation and have never actually ended up with one. I’m definitely not set on this one from Gap, but this general idea, and I picture wearing it with black boots.

Also, not on the list, but I bought a very cheap New Look faux leather jacket back in the fall, and the other day I noticed a big chunk of it is already peeling off!! I had good luck before with a very cheap New Look faux leather jacket that took a few years until it starting peeling, so this was really disappointing. I’m always going to want to wear a jacket like this, so now I’m thinking about an actual leather one. I don’t know. This might just wait til next fall.

I also recycled a falling apart weekender bag that I’d gotten from H&M probably seven years ago (it was the same as this one) and got a ton of use out of, so I might replace that eventually. I think probably, though, my carry-on suitcase or Jansport backpack is good enough for any situation I’m in right now.

That’s all for now. I’m going to try to post again about this when/if I actually buy anything from the list.

i tried to do a week of outfits, and, um, yeah…

i tried to do a week of outfits, and, um, yeah…

Well, this is… something.

First, let me say that the point of doing this in the first place was two-fold: One, I like keeping track of things to look back on. Two, I like looking at outfits other people wear and have particularly enjoyed a “week of outfits” format, so thought I’d do it myself.

Okay, maybe it’s three-fold. I also have fond memories of years ago, like, pre-fashion blog dominance, there being a site that I believe was called My Style Diary that was just mirror photos people posted of what they were wearing, so other people could see and be inspired by them. It had a real nice community feel. Susie Bubble was on it. Anyway, I like the simplicity of the whole mirror picture thing, too, especially because I don’t really like having my picture taken.

ANYWAY. What I ended up with because I just like to jump right into things without being prepared is five pictures in front of a mirror that needs to be cleaned with a bunch of junk in the background and shitty lighting. Why am I still posting it? I think because it reminds me of My Style Diary and Look Book and blogging way back when, when you didn’t have to be good at it, because good, in the sense it is now, wasn’t so much a thing. (Btw, people still use Lookbook, apparently. Should I be getting back on Lookbook???) Plus, clearly I already went to SO MUCH EFFORT.

sunday — i got dog poop in my bag


Wore this for an emergency vet trip. Not even gonna talk about what it is cause the lighting is so bad. Bye!

monday — lighting strikes


Wore this to a movie screening. Took the pic once it was dark out. Look like I’m evil. The coat is from J. Crew Factory and the fake Chloé boots are from Topshop, and don’t need to mention anything else because you can’t really see it due to taking the pic when it was dark out.

tuesday — lighting strikes 2


Am feeling increasingly like there’s no point in saying where any of this is from. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

wednesday — got dressed before it was dark out


A small victory. Also, a good hair day.

thursday — a rare skirt


Wore this to a holiday party. This pose says, “Damn, I forgot I was supposed to do this.” (By the way, because this might actually be helpful, I got this skirt at Bershka. It’s not available on the U.S. site anymore, but they do have the same on in snake print in stock. I found it to run very small, but maybe that’s normal for Bershka? It was the first time I’d shopped there.)

Maybe I’ll do better next time? Maybe there will be a next time? I’ve at least learned to clean the mirror and take the photos when it’s light out. (Also need to learn to do my laundry, organize my dresser, and not look like I’m ready to fight someone.)




I just recently had to get rid of two of my favorite pairs of shoes, both of which were around four or five years old. (I think.)

My H&M leopard boots were, for me, the best example of leopard print really going with everything. I wore ’em with plain stuff. I wore ’em with stripes. Recently, I wore them with camo and was like, yes, this works, too. There were so many times I put these on and thought, “I really feel like myself right now,” which is the best feeling to have when you get dressed. So, what happened? They really stretched out — the elastic and the shoe material itself — to where they stopped being comfortable to walk around. I’ve been looking around on Poshmark a lot for new (well, used) leopard boots, but now I think my standards are too high because I loved these so much. (I also really like these ones, so I’ve been doing some eBaying/Tradesying/The Real Realing, as well.)

Second, we have my checkerboard Vans, which were my first pair of checkerboard Vans, but almost certainly not the last. These were a revelation in that, like the leopard boots, they also, surprisingly, went with anything. I wore them hard. Before they met their bitter end, they already had rips in them and the soles were worn down, but in that state they’d become my go-to dog walking/running to the deli shoes. But alas, I stepped in dog poop the other day that really embedded itself in there, and the effort that would have to have gone into un-pooping them wouldn’t be worth it for shoes that were already in the condition you can see above.

RIP, leopard boots and checkerboard Vans. You served me so, so well.

what i bought for fall

what i bought for fall

Going off of what I wrote last time, I wanted to talk about the things that I did purchase over the past couple of months. Going into this (and inspired by TThe Anna Edit videos on capsule wardrobing), I made a list of items that I was interested in, all of which I knew I would use regularly and would keep for a while. (But not in that “poofy free tutu skirt keep-for-a-while” way that I talked about in the other post.) Here’s what my list looked like:

fall list

As for where I wanted to get these, I knew that some of them I would probably end up getting new because of trendiness or specificity (checked blazer, “nice black blouse/top”) and some that I wanted to buy secondhand because of them being more generic (“sort of oversized navy sweatshirt”) or specific in another way (like the navy wool coat, the style of which I wanted I could find easier by doing it secondhand and a wool coat is cheaper used).

The items with the checks next to them are the ones I’ve purchased; the ones without, I’ve decided not to buy unless I can get them secondhand. There have also been a couple things I’ve gotten in recent months that are not listed: a pair of black Gap jeans that were on sale because I wear black jeans constantly and a pair of mine were falling apart, and also this Madewell camo jacket just because I LOVE it. I’m wearing it all the time and love that it’s cotton.)

Here are the things from the list I did get:

Checked Blazer — Gap


If you’re interested in this, I found that it runs kind of big (and I have fairly broad shoulders). Worked out for me, though, because the only size they had left in store was one that I originally thought would definitely be too small for me.

Gray Sweater — Gap

gap sweaer

Navy Dotted Dress — Well, I got one at Uniqlo, which you’ll have to take my word for because it is no longer available and also I can’t find a photo of it anywhere online. Weird.

Pleather Jacket — New Look (from Rainbow. I don’t think the one below from ASOS is the exact one, but it’s very similar)

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 7.37.38 PM

I had one of these previously, wore it for a few years, and it disintegrated. (OK, disintegrated might be a little extreme, but it was doing that peel-y thing.)

Black Top — Zara

zara top

Navy Coat — Tradesy

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 7.13.24 PM

Other than the coat (because it’s not quite cold enough yet), I’ve worn all of these already and can see how they’ll easily continue to come in handy. As for the other items on the list, I probably wouldn’t get a jean jacket at this point because it’s too cold, but that’ll be a good thing to thrift in the spring if I’m still interested. I was really into this leopard Topshop bag but was on the fence about buying it new, so that’s how that ended up on there. (Also, ughhh, I just found out through doing this that it’s on sale on the Nordstrom site…) I would still be interested in a leopard bag, as well as still interested in the sweatshirt, if I find it secondhand. Brown ankle boots are probably a no-go (these are the ones that inspired that list item), but I did just buy a used pair of red boots off Poshmark that didn’t arrive yet.

I’ve definitely had an easier time getting dressed recently — not just because of the new things, but because of there being less. It’s not even that I was wearing all of it (or that there was really that much) so it’s not like I had to actively decide not to wear so many things, but I think it’s just easier on the brain to not see many options. I don’t want this to come off like I’m going to stick to a certain schedule with buying any new stuff (I don’t have a schedule… at least not yet… for starters) or that I’m an expert on anything, including by not limited to being more green with shopping. I really just want to be doing more thrifting and being sure to fully think things out when I do buy new things. I want to share some pics of these items in action (prooobably with mirror pictures because I am me and not a fancy lady) and also some stuff about shopping secondhand online, so hopefully that’ll be coming up. (I say hopefully like it’s not totally in my control… I know how I can get with posting.)

a wardrobe clear out

a wardrobe clear out


I hang on to things. Old free T-shirts, jeans that don’t fit, a giant tutu skirt (!!!). But about a month and a half ago, I decided to get rid of a lot of the… bulk. Of course, I still kept those printed T-shirts that mark things like that diner I worked in, that high school dance competition, and a couple vintage ones I took from my mom. (The ones I don’t wear regularly are now in a storage box under my couch.) But I did just donate a lot of stuff that I stopped wearing and wasn’t attached to.

I’m not someone who ever shopped a ton, but I did buy things and hold on to them. And I am someone who tended to buy things impulsively when I thought it was a good deal. This usually came in the form of wandering into H&M, seeing something on sale, and going, “Oh, I could wear that.” Then, I held onto these random purchases that I wasn’t wearing any longer and they ended up taking up space. No longer!


In recent years I’ve become more aware of the types of clothes and shoes I’ll actually wear (my early twenties thing of buying heels that I thought I’d go out in has long ceased), so getting rid of all the extra was kind of a natural next step.

I’m not saying I’m a full-on capsule wardrobe person now, but it is nice to have less to sort through, and I did feel that after getting rid of so much, I could stand to add in some things that were well thought out and would be used a lot. This started getting long after I started writing about what that process was like in another post. For now, I just wanted to kind of summarize things and note that I plan to: A. Shop for new things less often and more purposefully, B. thrift/buy secondhand more! (I feel like it’s free rein there, really), C. post more about this sort of thing on the blog. The biggest reason I want to be more conscious is because of the environment and I want that to come through in my posts, as well, so there is more in this area to come. (Soon. Hopefully.)