window shopping: baaaagggsss

window shopping: baaaagggsss

I keep looking at bags online. While doing lots of browsing could be seen as a mild addiction, I think it’s good (or at least better), if you scratch the shopping online itch without spending money or being wasteful. This is the case here, since I’ve been looking at Tradesy, The Real Real, eBay, and Poshmark, all of which require just checking a lot to see if things have been listed. Also, this way, if I do actually get anything it will be cheaper and secondhand.

Here’s what I’ve been looking at.

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli


I’ve always liked the Pashli bags. I really like the red and gold mini one, but practically, I could use something larger since I don’t have any bigger bags, and I think the navy color is cool, too. (Also, check out this (sold out) leopard one.)

See By Chloé Quilted Lois

The Outnet

This was for sale on The Outnet for a while, and I really regret not just going for it. Now, I just have to check my secondhand sites all the time…

Coach Carryall


I actually did order one size of this bag from Tradesy, but returned it because it was smaller than I expected. Now, I’m on the fence about this style altogether and think I just needed a clearer view of what I was looking for as far as practicality in the first place. The whole reason I was drawn to this bag was because I thought it would make for a good larger size one.

Balenciaga City Bag

The Real Real

I had a bootleg one of these when I was in college that I got at thrift store, and I always sort of wondered if somehow it was real and some random rich person just donated it without a second thought. I used it to carry around all my books and stuff and it fell apart, which I’m certain confirms that it, in fact, was bootleg. Given that this was around the time of peak Rachel Zoe, this was a very exciting time for me to find this bag. Anywayyyyy, I still really like these, but hadn’t thought much about them again until I saw this (comparatively) affordable one on The Real Real. Someone who is not me take the plunge! (P.S. Through writing this I found this extensive photo roundup of times Nicole Richie carried a Balenciaga bag and it is really a blast from the past.)

Have you used any of consignment sites to buy designer bags — or anything else for that matter? I’ve never used The Real Real, but I’ve bought stuff on Poshmark and a coat on Tradesy. Never anything where I had to worry about it being authentic.

i tried to do a week of outfits, and, um, yeah…

i tried to do a week of outfits, and, um, yeah…

Well, this is… something.

First, let me say that the point of doing this in the first place was two-fold: One, I like keeping track of things to look back on. Two, I like looking at outfits other people wear and have particularly enjoyed a “week of outfits” format, so thought I’d do it myself.

Okay, maybe it’s three-fold. I also have fond memories of years ago, like, pre-fashion blog dominance, there being a site that I believe was called My Style Diary that was just mirror photos people posted of what they were wearing, so other people could see and be inspired by them. It had a real nice community feel. Susie Bubble was on it. Anyway, I like the simplicity of the whole mirror picture thing, too, especially because I don’t really like having my picture taken.

ANYWAY. What I ended up with because I just like to jump right into things without being prepared is five pictures in front of a mirror that needs to be cleaned with a bunch of junk in the background and shitty lighting. Why am I still posting it? I think because it reminds me of My Style Diary and Look Book and blogging way back when, when you didn’t have to be good at it, because good, in the sense it is now, wasn’t so much a thing. (Btw, people still use Lookbook, apparently. Should I be getting back on Lookbook???) Plus, clearly I already went to SO MUCH EFFORT.

sunday — i got dog poop in my bag


Wore this for an emergency vet trip. Not even gonna talk about what it is cause the lighting is so bad. Bye!

monday — lighting strikes


Wore this to a movie screening. Took the pic once it was dark out. Look like I’m evil. The coat is from J. Crew Factory and the fake Chloé boots are from Topshop, and don’t need to mention anything else because you can’t really see it due to taking the pic when it was dark out.

tuesday — lighting strikes 2


Am feeling increasingly like there’s no point in saying where any of this is from. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

wednesday — got dressed before it was dark out


A small victory. Also, a good hair day.

thursday — a rare skirt


Wore this to a holiday party. This pose says, “Damn, I forgot I was supposed to do this.” (By the way, because this might actually be helpful, I got this skirt at Bershka. It’s not available on the U.S. site anymore, but they do have the same on in snake print in stock. I found it to run very small, but maybe that’s normal for Bershka? It was the first time I’d shopped there.)

Maybe I’ll do better next time? Maybe there will be a next time? I’ve at least learned to clean the mirror and take the photos when it’s light out. (Also need to learn to do my laundry, organize my dresser, and not look like I’m ready to fight someone.)

2019 goals

2019 goals

I have a few goals I’ve been thinking about for this year. They’re all pretty straightforward and none of them are things that I don’t already do, just things that I want to be better about doing and do more.

Blog More

This one is going great so far! Really, though, going along with this I want to be more confident about blogging. Obviously, with my goal being to blog more, this particular go round with a blog hasn’t been a big a part of my life so far, but I don’t really talk about it in “real life” because it feels… separate? I don’t know… I think it’ll all work itself out, but basically I just wanna do what I want on here, more often, and not worry too much about it.

Meditate More

I paid for the Headspace app several months ago and have not used it enough to justify that. But I do really like it, so I want to make it a more consistent part of my life.

Wear SPF Consistently

I’ve heard this is good for you, but, like, idk who knows?!?!

Also, seems related, I am doing a dry January, which I’m really excited about. It’s just to have a reset in my habits.

a wardrobe clear out

a wardrobe clear out


I hang on to things. Old free T-shirts, jeans that don’t fit, a giant tutu skirt (!!!). But about a month and a half ago, I decided to get rid of a lot of the… bulk. Of course, I still kept those printed T-shirts that mark things like that diner I worked in, that high school dance competition, and a couple vintage ones I took from my mom. (The ones I don’t wear regularly are now in a storage box under my couch.) But I did just donate a lot of stuff that I stopped wearing and wasn’t attached to.

I’m not someone who ever shopped a ton, but I did buy things and hold on to them. And I am someone who tended to buy things impulsively when I thought it was a good deal. This usually came in the form of wandering into H&M, seeing something on sale, and going, “Oh, I could wear that.” Then, I held onto these random purchases that I wasn’t wearing any longer and they ended up taking up space. No longer!


In recent years I’ve become more aware of the types of clothes and shoes I’ll actually wear (my early twenties thing of buying heels that I thought I’d go out in has long ceased), so getting rid of all the extra was kind of a natural next step.

I’m not saying I’m a full-on capsule wardrobe person now, but it is nice to have less to sort through, and I did feel that after getting rid of so much, I could stand to add in some things that were well thought out and would be used a lot. This started getting long after I started writing about what that process was like in another post. For now, I just wanted to kind of summarize things and note that I plan to: A. Shop for new things less often and more purposefully, B. thrift/buy secondhand more! (I feel like it’s free rein there, really), C. post more about this sort of thing on the blog. The biggest reason I want to be more conscious is because of the environment and I want that to come through in my posts, as well, so there is more in this area to come. (Soon. Hopefully.)

How I Switched To Natural Deodorant

How I Switched To Natural Deodorant


I bought The Crystal about a year before I ever actually used it. I was in Virginia visiting my parents, saw it on sale at Kroger, and figured I’d pick it up just in case I ever wanted to try it out.

The idea of using natural deodorant had appealed to me for a while, but my previous attempts (with Tom’s) weren’t successful. Part of this was that I’d for a long time used unscented Dove, so I was trying to switch to an unscented natural deodorant. But the other issue, which a lot of people don’t seem to mention when talking about switching to natural deodorant is that your armpits smell stronger at first, as you adjust. Because of this, I think that what I ended up doing to switch  — about a year and a half ago now — actually ended up working out pretty well.

Before I switched to the Actually a Crystal Crystal — and then to the liquid scented Crystal — I briefly used Tom’s in the Beautiful Earth scent. I was looking around the beauty section at Whole Foods one day because I had a gift certificate and found that Beautiful Earth actually smelled good and pretty light despite it’s incredibly vague name . I thought if I could use a scented natural deodorant, maybe that would actually work — there isn’t a chemical antiperspirant, so maybe I could do with some scent, anyway.


I started using the Tom’s and liked it fine for a while, even though I’m not big on the texture since it’s kinda gel-y. But I decided to try out the Crystal I had on hand, thinking maybe my body had adjusted already by using the Tom’s. And it had!

Crystal is a stick of mineral salt you wet and rub on your armpits after showering. I’d read online that it left you not smelling like anything, and it’s true. It’s really something. You do sweat, though. This isn’t an antiperspirant. But when you sweat, it smells like… nothing. Not long after I started using it, I went on a trip to Mexico where it was sweltering and thought, oh, well this is the real test, and it was totally fine. The other big benefit is less armpit stains on white shirts since that tends to happen more frequently from the aluminum in antiperspirant mixing with your sweat. Since I’ve switched to using Crystal, this hasn’t been an issue for me.


For months I was totally fine using the traditional Crystal and could have easily gone on with it, BUT! One day I saw liquid roll-on Crystal for sale, which means it cuts out the step of having to wet the actual salt stick each time. I’ve only ever used the scented ones, but the Crystal website shows that an unscented roll-on is also available. (It also shows cute new packaging that I’ve never seen before and new solid versions that look more like “normal” deodorant and apparently even wick away moisture.) I’ve tried the lavender, vanilla jasmine, and chamomile & green tea liquids, with the chamomile & green tea being my favorite.


The only negative with the liquid is that it goes a lot faster than the hard Crystal, which can last over a year, but they really work for me. I’m glad to have found something to stick with, and I would imagine that using liquid scented Crystal would help a lot during that smelly transition phrase (especially since I’m def not suggesting anyone go buy a Tom’s simply to ease into things). I hope this helps anyone else who is curious about natural deodorant. (Especially if you don’t want to use a paste, I’ve read some good reviews, but they seem very unappealing!)

bathroom before + plans


I have been wanting to post for a while now and trying to come up with where to start. The same goes for doing stuff around the apartment — I have things I want to do, but it can be hard to know what do to first. I feel like so far there’s been quite a bit of just moving stuff around to make room for the things that aren’t just “stuff” anymore. For instance, we set up our new (Craigslist) bed frame and new (actually new) Tuft & Needle mattress, which means that while our bed is now all set, all the stuff that was where the bed is is now… in piles that aren’t where the bed is. But, I want to take things kind of slow and not rush into accidentally buying, say, the biggest, clunkiest coffee table off Craigslist like I did last time we moved.

Wow. I’m long-winded. All of that was just to get to the point that I’ve been putting the most focus on the bathroom being in a good state because, well, it’s the smallest, plus, it’s something that needs to be functional. So, I decided to post some “before” pictures.


As is clear from the photos, some of our stuff was already in the bathroom when I took these simply because it needed to be. I took these pics on Nov. 5, so some things have already changed slightly.

Something that we didn’t notice before we moved in is that there is a patch of duck tape in the shower, so, uh, I’m just going to ignore that for now and talk to the management company about it eventually. I… don’t know what’s going on there.

IMG_2381Even with the duck taped tile, though, the weirdest thing about this bathroom is the large amount of hooks and racks and shelves:

I think what I’m going to do is get rid of the plastic hook, change the shelf behind the toilet, and change the hand towel hook (because it’s ugly). I think I’ll keep the metal hooks and probably the towel rack because they’re practical. I also will replace the shower caddy thing that hangs from the shower head with something and get rid of that tall corner rack altogether.

Another thing that needs work is the shower curtain rod, which the old tenant has supported by a ribbon and a screw in the ceiling. Of course.

IMG_2382I’ve been looking into what is best to do here. You can buy a metal piece that attaches to support the corner of a L-shaped shower curtain, but I’m wondering if just getting a new shower rod would make more sense. Especially since whoever installed either this or the shelf above the sink did so in a way that makes it hard for the curtain to be pulled all the way around. Also will need to see if this is something the super/management can help with or if it’s all on us.

Oof, this the part of this post where I’m realizing the bathroom isn’t the quickest and easiest to work on because check out this paint job:


Three shades of white! I think I might just try to paint this myself since there isn’t that much that actually needs to be painted, but I’m worried about doing the ceiling.

And, finally, we have the requisite boob light:


I’d like to get something like this to replace the shelf behind the toilet (also need to replac the toilet seat, which I didn’t realize was so yellowed until taking these pics):

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 4.23.28 PM

I think something like that would look a lot cuter and more cohesive than what’s in there now. I already bought a black bathmat and two black wire baskets to go on the shelf above the sink (where the clementine crate is in the photos above).

So, yeah, that’s what we’re working with in the bathroom. Even with all the stuff I just called out about it above, generally, I like it and love that it has a huge window. I’m excited to write again once it’s in a different state (but probably with that weird duck tape still there).






This is perhaps the hardest blog post I’ve written. Yes, it’s the first one on this blog, but it’s not the first one ever. I blogged on and off starting around 2007 and ending around 2014 when I started a full-time job that takes up more time and energy than the hodgepodge of temp-work/part-time jobs/freelancing that I’d done since graduating college in 2011. During that time, I had, I think, three or four blogs (or versions of the same blog), called The Launderette. I’d also started an Etsy shop of the same name in which I sold vintage clothes.

I say all this to say… well, I’m not really sure. I guess, primarily, that I’m getting back on the saddle again and it felt weird to just jump right in to posting without some sort of starting message. That’s why this is so hard. Because while I know I can do whatever the hell I want, it feels weird to not set out some sort of purpose. And even though I know that whatever purpose I set out can be changed (because of course it can), it’s hard for me to get that through my head. (That’s something I’ll be working on, I suppose.)

Anyway, why am I here? The main reason is that I’ve always been someone who loves documenting things and who loves seeing the things other people have documented, so I want back in on that. I’m also hoping it serves as some sort of motivation. I plan to talk a lot about interior design/home decor on here, and I have some projects I want to document, so maybe this will be a way to be more organized and less lazy. I also want to get back into thrifting and using it as an alternative to buying as many new items, so that works into this somehow too.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe I’m being too formal about all this — I mean, I just wrote three paragraphs part of which is about the fact that I don’t really have to have written an intro post at all — but it just felt like the right way to do things, and I’m gonna try to keep up with just doing what feels right. (Also, I took a pitstop to go down a YouTube hole of old Spice Girls videos during this, so, really I’m not that formal at all. Check this one out — Victoria sings live!)

Okay, I think I’m done. I’ve finally started a blog again after years of saying I should again and it took until I had time off of work AND a sprained ankle that has left me pretty much housebound for the past couple of days. If that combo doesn’t take away all excuses, I don’t know what does.