Bottega Veneta Tire & Flash Boot Dupes

Maybe I should start by saying, I’m not totally sure I like these boots…

At least, I don’t like them for me. The Bottega Veneta Tire and Flash Boots are just too big and chunky for me, personally. But when I see them—and they’re popping up everywhere—I’m always intrigued by the idea. (And I think a lot of people really pull them off, too!) I really like the idea of a black boot with a contrast sole. Even before I realized how many colors they came in, I thought, Ooh what if the sole was pink? Or a light purple? Still, for me, I’d want them to be a little more streamlined. I’d also want them to not cost $1,200.

So, whether you want the look of the Tire and Flash Boots for yourself or are also interested in something similar, but different, here’s what else is out there.

First, the originals. The Tire Boot:

The Flash Boot:

And the others:

Coach black and teal contrast sole boots
Coach — I’m hoping they bring this out in more colors. Currently, there is also an all blush color and an all dark red.
Kenzo x H&M black and orange contrast sole boots
Kenzo x H&M — These are from a past collaboration, but can be found second hand. See on Poshmark here and here.
Schutz Ann boots in red and black
Schutz — They also have one that looks like an egg. Really.
Gia Borghini green contrast sole rain boot
Gia Borghini — If you need a rain boot.

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