Window Shopping: Bubblegum Pink Bags

I’ve been on the hunt for a bubblegum pink bag since (*literally checks notes*) March, when I was originally planning to write this post.

Well, after discovering that Telfar has the perfect color in a mini size with a top handle and crossbody strap, I’ve been holding out for that one to restock. (The color is actually called “bubblegum pink” by the way—it’s really perfect.) This involves checking the Telfar Instagram account regularly for which colors are restocking and hoping that all the people in the comments saying “Do bubblegum pink next!” are actually listened to.

Anyway there are other pink bags out there that are testing my patience and my wallet. So, if you are on the lookout for your own not-too-hot-pink, not-too-baby-pink, perfectly-medium-pink bag, then maybe this edit will help.

Balenciaga pink croc embossed Neo City bag
Balenciaga (the very pricey dream)
Telfar bubblegum pink small bag
Telfar (again, gotta wait for a restock or check–and be careful for fakes–with secondhand market)

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