Dior Book Tote Dupe at H&M

Alert! There is a bag very clearly inspired by the Dior Book Tote currently available on the H&M website. And, no big deal, but I predicted it’s arrival…

A couple weeks ago, I saw that there was a small, square Book Tote-like bag on H&M with a Dior-like wide crossbody strap in a print that featured a tiger and a bunch of plants — similar to the toile de jouy animal pattern. I thought, Hmm. That looks really cool, but! If they’re doing a mini Book Tote dupe, won’t they also come out with a larger size? That’s what everyone’s looking for.

And I was right!

After still having the bag on my mind, I did some Googling around and saw that while a larger size has been available in other countries, there was a “coming soon” listing on the U.S. site. And, basically, I refreshed that page over and over again until this morning the bag was actually available.

Look, I like a designer bag and I like scrolling through Vestiare Collective for way more time than I should, but I do not have $3,000 to spend on a canvas tote. I do have $34.99. And while this H&M one is clearly a little more than inspired by the Dior one, it’s clear enough that it’s not actually it that we’re obviously not tricking anyone.

As for the size, the H&M bag is 16 inches wide, which makes it the same width as the regular Book Tote, but is about an inch shorter at 12.5 inches tall. The depth is also slightly less — 6.25 inches instead of 7.

By the way, I guess the smaller one with the strap sold out, because that listing is no longer on the site.

Now, I’m just excited for it to arrive… and excited for some more normalcy to come, so I can actually go take it places.

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