Six-Drawer & Double Dressers Round-up

I have spent a long time looking at six-drawer or double dressers. Here’s what I’ve found.

When we moved from New York to Richmond, we sold the Ikea Malm dresser that we’d gotten off Craigslist and decided to look for one once we got here, mostly because it was heavy and a pain in the ass (we didn’t have in-home movers, but had our stuff dropped off via U-Pack), and partially because we just didn’t like it all that much. (That said, the Malm is very spacious. I’ve had two separate second-hand ones in my life that I’ve passed on to the next Malm user.)

So, when we got to Richmond, we shared a very small, three-drawer dresser that I’d also gotten off of Craigslist earlier on during my time in New York… And then kept sharing it for months because we couldn’t decide on a new dresser. I looked on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, the Instagrams of local vintage shops, and a whole bunch of online stores. Michael and I could hardly agree on anything, and we knew we didn’t want particle board or to pay too much. (Arguably, we still did.)

Eventually, we went with the West Elm Mid-Century Dresser in the eight-drawer version. It looked huge to me when it arrived, but between us, we used up all the drawers easily. This is the most expensive piece of furniture I’ve ever purchased (even though we did get some money off because of it being repeatedly backordered and then the delivery delayed — shoutout to West Elm for that), and this very heavy dresser will now have to move with me everywhere I go.

But, before we finally made this decision, a lot of other dressers were discussed. If you’re in the market yourself, here’s a few that might be worth considering.

Urban Outfitters Amelia

Urban Outfitters

This one was the front-runner even before we moved. The issue, though, is that some photos from reviewers on the Urban Outfitters site show that the color of the mango wood can vary quite a bit. We almost took the risk, but decided against it. This dresser is hardwood, which was a huge pro, and the color on the featured image is beautiful — even if that isn’t always the case with what actually arrives.

Ikea Hemnes


The dresser being solid wood is something that we definitely wanted. (At first. Then things went off the rails when we just needed to pick something.) The Ikea Hemnes is solid wood, and I really like this gray stained one version. It also comes in a white laminate, white stain, and black-brown. (Not all are made of the same materials.) Of course, it doesn’t come assembled like some of the other options here, but it’s only $249.

West Elm Roar & Rabbit Brass Geo

West Elm

This one I just really liked and Michael didn’t. There’s not that much else to it. Like the Urban Outfitters Amelia dresser, it’s made of mango wood, so I’d expect some potential differences in the color versus it looking exactly like the photo.

Urban Outfitters Marte

Urban Outfitters

Rattan! For me, this is an exciting selling point. That isn’t the case for everyone. Also, if you do love rattan, but aren’t sure you two have a life-long commitment, this could end up being an expensive regret. (There’s also a cute nightstand from this same collection.)

World Market Brewton

World Market

This World Market dresser is similar to the West Elm Mid-Century dresser, but with different materials and without some of the same details.

West Elm Mid-Century

West Elm

Lastly, here is the West Elm Mid-Century dresser in Acorn. It comes in this six-drawer version and also the eight-drawer one that we ended up getting. It comes assembled. Other than the delay, we didn’t have any issues with the actual delivery, so there were no scuffs or damage when it arrived, and I really love it so far. And am scared to set a single scratchy photo frame or drink on it — possibly even with a coaster— because I am not used to spending so much money on new things. Like I said, it’s sticking with me for a long time.

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