Alexander McQueen Double Belt Dupes

Saw a belt on YouTuber/influencer Lydia Millen. Liked the belt. Found out the belt was Alexander McQueen and $880.

But! A wide black belt is practical! It’s something I would use to cinch in dresses! (Well, not around my house during the pandemic, but definitely after.) So, that leads us here. A blog post about belts that achieve the same effect as the McQueen one, but maybe don’t look quite as cool. I mean, it is a really good really expensive belt. Some of them still have that “double belt” look. Some are just wide. All of them don’t cost nearly $1000.

First, the original:

Alexander McQueen (Net-a-Porter)

And the others:

This one from Judith and Charles is the most similar I’ve found, but it doesn’t have the gold buckles:

Temperley London (Currently out of stock, but maybe it’ll come back.)

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