New Bedding!

After sharing my plans for our bedroom, I now am ready to share… just the bedding.

I’m still waiting on our new dresser, which was placed on backorder twice, so it’s still not here yet. It seems like it should be soon, though. I can’t wait. We’re still using a broken tiny dresser we brought down from New York that was supposed to be temporary.

Before we get into it, here’s how things were looking before:

Blah! Boring! Even worse with the wide angle lens!

And after:

As I said in the previous post, after thinking about lavender or completely neutral, I decided on a rust red color for the duvet with mustard cushions to warm up the room since it’s painted gray and we decided not to re-paint. Thankfully, the floors in the bedroom are wood. The downstairs floors are a gray-ish color.

I kept thinking of the cushions as Euro shams to sound classy, but those are 26″x26″ and these are 20″x20″. I wanted them in front of the regular pillows for lounging rather than behind.

I also added a striped throw blanket that I originally thought was going to go on the sofa in the office, but the color work well here.

And nightstands! We finally have nightstands! I have never had a real nightstand, and for years was using wine crates turned on their side. I thought that was pretty cool, but also wanted to have an actual drawer. So, the wine crates were one of the many things I gave away in New York on the side of the road with a “free” sign attached. These black nightstands were very inexpensive, but too jazz them up (ugh, what’s a less cheesy phrase for that?), I switched out the knobs for these gold, black, and white ones from Anthropologie.

And that’s about it for now. When the dresser comes I think that will really help pull things together, and I’ll be able to finally hang the photo that I want above it. I also think it’d be good to have some sort of small bench or chair in here. Now that I’m a ~fancy~ person who has extra cushions on their bed, I realized that you kind of need somewhere for those to go at night.

Yellow cushion covers: Ikea
Duvet cover: H&M (goes in and out of stock)
Striped throw blanket: Target
Nightstands: Home Depot
Drawer pulls: Anthropologie
Small table lamp: Ikea
Bed frame: Ikea via Craigslist

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