Townhouse Bedroom Plans

Similar to how I started planning for our bathroom before we moved in, I did the same thing for our bedroom.

When I began putting ideas together the two things I was sure of were that I wanted to do lavender bedding and buy this Urban Outfitters dresser. Those have both changed. Here you can see some of the Pins that I was inspired by, and below, you can see what I was looking at.

A note on these collages: I included items that we already had — some of which we got second hand — but still linked out to the original source where available. For instance, we’ve had the same Ikea bed frame for years now and bought it on Craigslist. As another example, we already own white and black pillowcases, so I found similar ones online to use for the pictures. I was never buying all new stuff! The pictures are just so I can see how everything goes together.

Bedding: H&M. Lumbar pillow: Etsy. White pillowcase: Crate & Barrel. Bed frame: Ikea. Hamper: Home Depot. Blanket: Etsy. Dresser: Ikea. Plants: Ikea. Curtain: Bed Bath & Beyond. Mirror: Ikea. Nightstand: Ikea
Bedding: The Company Store. Nightstand: Urban Outfitters

But, after actually moving in and sitting with the ideas more, I convinced myself that lavender bedding could easily look dorm-y. Not that it would for everyone! I just felt like what I was coming up with did. It also felt too cool toned since the walls in our apartment are gray and we decided not to paint.

So, that lead to me looking at more pinks, olives, and yellows:

Bedding: H&M. Dresser: Urban Outfitters. Blanket: Etsy.
Bedding: Ikea. Blanket: Etsy. Nightstand: Lowes. Knob: CB2
Blanket: Etsy. Square pillow cover: Ikea. Knobs: Anthropologie. Nightstand: Home Depot. Lamp: Ikea.

Eventually I landed on this:

Bedding: H&M. Blanket: Etsy. Square cushion cover: H&M

I have already received the duvet and pillow cases from H&M and yellow cushion covers and little lamp from Ikea. I’m waiting on our dresser to arrive. After a loooot of back and forth, we ordered this one from West Elm, which is taking a while to arrive. The one in the collage above the one from Urban Outfitters, and while I really love the look of it in the image there, after seeing some photos from reviewers, it looks like there is some inconsistency in the color of the actual wood. I ordered cheap nightstands from Home Depot and replacement knobs — decided on these ones — from Anthropologie. Now, just have to put it all together.

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