What Is Glossier Skin Tint “Dark” in the New Shades?

I haven’t blogged for three months. I moved to a different state. My very anxious dog made it through a six-hour drive. I have a new home. Yet, this post is about… Glossier Skin Tint.

That’s because this is the blog post the people of the internet need! Or at least it was the post I was looking for when I went to reorder Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in “dark”, but had to order one of their new shades. (Well, “new” — the update was in January 2019.)

First of all — and like many people have said before me back when this change happened a very long time ago — the fact that they now have more shades is a good thing. Before, there were only five: “light”, “medium”, “dark”, “deep”, and “rich”. I used “dark”, which was a good match for me, but let me tell you, there was a big ass jump between the shades.

Anyway, after looking at the pictures of all the models on the Glossier site, checking out Reddit, and unsuccessfully trying to find a photo comparing the new shades to the old, I went with G6, and it is very close to the previous shade “dark”.

Take a look:

From what I can tell, G6 is slightly darker/warmer/orangey-er, but I didn’t even notice this until swatching them for this post. On my face, it feels the same. After all, this stuff is pretty sheer. On the Glossier site G6 is described as “a deep neutral shade.” The other shade that I was thinking might be the replacement is G7, which is described as a “medium-deep shade”, but on the site it looks lighter than “dark” did.

When the new shades were released, a Glossier rep told Marie Claire, “It’s worth noting that we approached all the shade ranges from scratch—instead of just adding—to make sure they were as balanced and comprehensive as possible. Of the 12 shades of Perfecting Skin Tint, only 3 are from the old lineup—with Stretch Concealer we only kept 1 of the previous shades.” Before doing my swatches, I thought that “dark” was one of the shades that was kept, but now it seems like that might not be the case.

Hope this helps, fellow people of the internet who ordered Glossier so long ago that you don’t know your new shade.

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