White, Pink, & Green Bathroom Ideas

Ever since we found out we’re moving, I’ve been very, very excited to decorate our new place. I’ve also been telling myself that I’m not going to give up on projects I want to do in the apartment — like, potentially paint — because I either think we aren’t going to live in the apartment very long, or I wait too long to start and then feel like it’s not worth it. I put off a lot of projects in our current apartment and now we’ve been here for nearly three years. The crappy paint job the previous tenants did still bothers me.

This has all lead to me doing a lot of internet window shopping and coming up with… designs? ideas? moodboards? I don’t totally know what to call these, but basically I paste a bunch of images of things into Keynote to see if they look good together.

I started with the bathroom, because it is smallest and cheapest. We need a new sofa. And a coffee table. And a bunch of other stuff that will become readily apparent once we get to our new place and see that what we are bringing from our small apartment looks much more sparse there.

But for a bathroom? What do you need? A rug. Some hand towels. A stool because of the very exciting vanity counter that is built it. What I’m looking at is below. (The blurry image on the left is a screenshot of a video tour that I used for reference.)

I made sure to include things we already own — I’m not getting all new stuff. We already have a leaf shower curtain, light pink towels, black hand towels, and a framed poster of The Two Fridas. (Not all the items here are the exact ones we have. I had to find similar items online in some cases so I could still get a look at how everything matches up. Like with the Frida poster. In our case it’s actually a framed old calendar page.)

Leaf shower curtain: Amazon. Frida print: TrayFivePrints/Etsy. Candle: Diptyque. Bathmat: H&M. Mirror: H&M. Pink towel: Bed Bath & Beyond. White and gray hand towel: West Elm. Stool: Ikea

Striped bathmat: Target. Black hand towels: H&M. Gold basket: CB2

White shower curtain: Target. Green hand towels: H&M

Stripe shower curtain: Target

Making these in Keynote actually works really well… even though I chose it only after not understanding how else people are making things like this. (I even looked up good old Polyvore. It’s defunct.) When you add a new slide, if you copy & paste an item, it shows up in the same spot where it was in the previous slide, so it’s easy to make a bunch of similar ones and just change out a couple things.

There are only small changes within these five options. When I showed Michael, he said he likes 1 and 5 best, simply because they have a pink bathmat rather than a white one, which would get dirty faster. That is very practical and what my stripe-obsessed self needed to hear in order to make a decision. Even though my initial reaction was “Ugh! My favorites were 2 and 3!”

So, I’m leaning toward 5 — or something like 5. I’m not making these under the assumption that I’ll actually get all of the exact items. It’s more about the style I want to lean toward. That will become much clearer with the bedroom and living room where I preferably want to get furniture secondhand, but am narrowing down what I want by looking online. With this bathroom one, though, it’s likely that I’ll come closest, because I’ll only be purchasing a couple things.

Anyway, these are very fun to make and there’s more to come.

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