2020 goals & a look back

I’m back and keeping up with one of my goals from last year. Just kidding. I didn’t do so well with writing on the blog last year, so here we go again.

Last year I posted that my three resolutions were to blog more, meditate more, and wear spf consistently. I didn’t do so great with the first one — I only wrote 13 posts last year. So, blogging more is one of my goals again for this year. Things have changed some with my work recently, so I’m hopeful that the refresh there will help me write more here.

As far as meditating more, I did do that last year. But still, the consistency wasn’t there. I’d have a month of doing it every day, and then stop, only starting again when I was feeling particularly anxious or stressed out. The idea of meditating is, for me, for it to help me not get to that point in the first place, so, again, I have “meditate more” on my list for 2020.

Lastly, I was supposed to wear spf more regularly, and I did do that. Was it everyday? Nope. But I was particularly good about putting it on before walking to the gym, which is one of the times I’m in the sun for the longest stretch.

In addition to carrying over blogging more and meditating more, I’m adding that I’d like to read more books. I’m really awful about finishing books and making time to read besides when I’m on the subway. Also, I’d like to try yoga, because I’ve been really stiff and achy recently.

And this isn’t really a concrete goal, but I want to stop holding myself back from doing things because I’m waiting for the “right” moment or for things to be perfect. I do this in pretty much every aspect of life. (In fact, I was recently reminded of this by our dog trainer. My first session with her felt like therapy for me, though she couldn’t have known that. Just a lot of things she said, I could easily relate to other areas of my life.)

That’s all for now. I’m letting the fact that this one took only a few minutes to write be an inspiration for me to do this more.

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