a week-ish of outfits #4

If there’s one blog-related thing I’ve been keeping up with recently, it’s taking a pic of my outfit in my (poorly lit) mirror. So, I’ve got another week-ish of outfitsAnd I’m not even going to be unnecessarily long-winded before getting into the pics this time. (This doesn’t count.)

Items that are still available are linked

For: A press junket for work
Wore: Gap blazer (similar), Bershka T-shirt, ASOS boots, Gap jeans

For: Getting a drink with Michael
Wore: Thrifted jacket, Gap sweater, Gap jeans, Steve Madden boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag

For: Seeing Parasite
Wore: Uniqlo sweater, Gap jeans, ASOS boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag

For: Regular day stuff, then dinner with a friend
Wore: Madewell jacket, H&M sweater, Gap jeans, Vans

For: Same as above, but with different friend
Wore: Madewell jacket, J.Crew shirt (via Poshmark), Gap jeans, Vans

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