a week-ish of outfits #2

But Lia, what if you never post a “week-ish of outfits” again? What if it’s weird to put “#2” because the first week of outfits didn’t have a number in the title? What if one day you gain the power of consistency and it actually is a week of outfits rather than sort of a week?

These are the types of things that go through my head simply from titling a blog post.(Deciding what tags to put is another story. What if one day you gain the power of consistency and you wish you’d categorized things better?!) But, really, I just have to push all that aside because otherwise I won’t write any posts. (See: the large gaps in posts that this blog already has and which I am trying to fight off with my new year’s resolution.)

Anyway, I took a week-ish worth of photos of what I wore around the first week of April, which makes them spring-ish outfits. I just wanted to share to slightly greater success than I did here. Movin’ on up! Just think, one day I’ll move all the shit that’s next to and in front of the mirror!

I’ll link the stuff that still exists.

#1: Madewell jacket, Old Navy shirt, Gap jeans, Forever 21 bag, ASOS boots (Am I doing this right?? I’m rusty.)

#2 Random-brand-on-Amazon-because-I-had-a-gift-card-several-years-ago trench coat, Old Navy jeans, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Dolce Vita (via Poshmark) boots

#3 Madewell jacket, Gap T-shirt, Gap jeans, thrifted belt, ASOS boots, Alexander Wang bag

(A note on the Madewell jacket: I LOVE IT. I had never shopped at Madewell before and this was a splurge for me, but I wear it all the time. It’s one of those things where you don’t realize right away how versatile it is. It’s sold out, but just did a quick search and there are a few on Poshmark.)

These two were the same day, which is one of the reasons this is “week-ish”.

#4 H&M shirt, Old Navy jacket, Gap jeans, Forever 21 bag, Vans

#5 H&M sweatshirt, Old Navy jeans, Old Navy jacket, Forever 21 bag, Steve Madden boots

Did I do it?

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