I just recently had to get rid of two of my favorite pairs of shoes, both of which were around four or five years old. (I think.)

My H&M leopard boots were, for me, the best example of leopard print really going with everything. I wore ’em with plain stuff. I wore ’em with stripes. Recently, I wore them with camo and was like, yes, this works, too. There were so many times I put these on and thought, “I really feel like myself right now,” which is the best feeling to have when you get dressed. So, what happened? TheyΒ reallyΒ stretched out — the elastic and the shoe material itself — to where they stopped being comfortable to walk around. I’ve been looking around on Poshmark a lot for new (well, used) leopard boots, but now I think my standards are too high because I loved these so much. (I also really like these ones, so I’ve been doing some eBaying/Tradesying/The Real Realing, as well.)

Second, we have my checkerboard Vans, which were my first pair of checkerboard Vans, but almost certainly not the last. These were a revelation in that, like the leopard boots, they also, surprisingly, went with anything. I wore them hard. Before they met their bitter end, they already had rips in them and the soles were worn down, but in that state they’d become my go-to dog walking/running to the deli shoes. But alas, I stepped in dog poop the other day that really embedded itself in there, and the effort that would have to have gone into un-pooping them wouldn’t be worth it for shoes that were already in the condition you can see above.

RIP, leopard boots and checkerboard Vans. You served me so, so well.

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