bathroom update


Ahhhh! It’s been a month since I posted. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I wrote a post about the state of the bathroom at the time we moved in nine months ago (how?!), along with some ideas I had for it. And, apparently, I was very optimistic about how much I would actually do, including painting the whole thin. Well… that did not happen.

Also, the bathroom did change between when I posted those original pics and when I updated things yesterday. I got rid of that random stuff that was left here when we moved in, and it became more comfortable for us, but the biggest change is that we just had a clear shower curtain until now. I became a passionate clear shower curtain proponent at our previous apartment because the window was in the shower, so I felt like it kept the space more light and open to just use the liner.

Now, though, I’ve changed, basically because… banana leaves!! (Also the window isn’t in the shower, so I stopped being stubborn.)

Here is a look at how the bathroom looked up until yesterday:

And now:


I added this shower curtain I got on Amazon, and The Two Fridas have made their way from the kitchen. (Is it a page from a calendar in a frame meant for a record… maybe.)

The white curtain is the Ritva from Ikea. I’m not totally sold on it for the bathroom, because I think it might be too thick. I bought two packs of these since I plan to use them in the bedroom too, so if I decide to get something lighter weight — still plain white — for the bathroom, I can just return the unopened pack. I do like the texture a lot, just looking at the before pic, that thin curtain did have a nicer flow to it and felt like it took up less space.


As you can tell, our bathroom is pretty small. Took this pic by reaching my arm as high as I could into the air in the corner.

That’s it for now!

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