bedroom updates + the obsession continues



I just wanted to share what the current status of our bedroom is since I’m trying to be fairly consistent with documenting this whole apartment decorating thing. The bedroom looks the most complete out of what we’ve gotten set up so far — well at least half of it does. The side with the bed and my wardrobe is all good. The side with Michael’s dresser and the piles of random stuff is not because… there are piles of random stuff. Also, my dresser is still being used as our TV stand in the living room, which says quite a bit.

Here’s what the bedroom looked like when we moved in:



There’s just one small closet, so I bought the Kvikne wardrobe from Ikea to put at the wall in front of our bed since it’s set in more than the rest of the wall. I had the rolling rack from my previous apartment there at first and I’m really liking how much cleaner it looks with the wardrobe (even though it’s crooked because ALL the floors in this apartment are crooked). With the rolling rack all the clothes were just out, but with the location they would constantly be in our line of vision so it was really jumbled looking.

Then this was how it looked right after we got the bed setup. Not much to say about that; although I do plan to talk about the mattress we ordered in a future post.IMG_2434

And then this is what it’s pretty much looking like now once the wardrobe was assembled and pictures were hung behind the bed. These are the same pictures we previously had behind our sofa at the old apartment. (It’s a old National Geographic poster of the Onion Nebula, a George Harrison poster, a Rush record, and a Strokes record.) I always really liked how these went together and the colors and thought it would work better in the bedroom this time. Speaking of, one of these curtains was in our old living room and one in our old kitchen. They really need to be washed, but I LOVE them. I had such trouble finding curtains I actually liked and I came across these at Target a few years ago. Now I never want them to get messed up.


So that’s that. I’m hoping to get working on “building” (it’s going to be concrete blocks and wood boards…) our shelves in the living room for the TV tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have my dresser in the bedroom soon and be able to talk about the other half!

In completely different news, THE OBSESSION CONTINUES:

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 8.08.57 PM

In my old age I’ve gotten much better about not buying things like dresses and heels just because I like them even though I rarely wear dresses and heels, but someone help me I NEED this dress from ASOS. Just look at the back! I’d wear it somewhere eventually, right?

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