10 Stars

I’ll keep this simple: I keep seeing a bunch of star-print shit everywhere and it’s cute, so here’s a bunch of it that I’ve gathered because I am a serial online window shopper.

All of the above are Old Navy. I actually bought the pants myself, because I was already looking for workout pants and Old Navy is the only place I buy them. I’d already been collecting links for a ~star post~ at that point, so they were my one actually practical star-printed purchase. I would have also bought those flats probably if they came in my size, especially since with Old Navy’s Black Friday sale they would have only been $14.

Worth noting: Most of these are on sale right now because of Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Old Navy Just Always Being On Sale. And do me a personal favor and just buy the curtains. I really don’t need more. I only have four windows.

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