bathroom before + plans


I have been wanting to post for a while now and trying to come up with where to start. The same goes for doing stuff around the apartment — I have things I want to do, but it can be hard to know what do to first. I feel like so far there’s been quite a bit of just moving stuff around to make room for the things that aren’t just “stuff” anymore. For instance, we set up our new (Craigslist) bed frame and new (actually new) Tuft & Needle mattress, which means that while our bed is now all set, all the stuff that was where the bed is is now… in piles that aren’t where the bed is. But, I want to take things kind of slow and not rush into accidentally buying, say, the biggest, clunkiest coffee table off Craigslist like I did last time we moved.

Wow. I’m long-winded. All of that was just to get to the point that I’ve been putting the most focus on the bathroom being in a good state because, well, it’s the smallest, plus, it’s something that needs to be functional. So, I decided to post some “before” pictures.


As is clear from the photos, some of our stuff was already in the bathroom when I took these simply because it needed to be. I took these pics on Nov. 5, so some things have already changed slightly.

Something that we didn’t notice before we moved in is that there is a patch of duck tape in the shower, so, uh, I’m just going to ignore that for now and talk to the management company about it eventually. I… don’t know what’s going on there.

IMG_2381Even with the duck taped tile, though, the weirdest thing about this bathroom is the large amount of hooks and racks and shelves:

I think what I’m going to do is get rid of the plastic hook, change the shelf behind the toilet, and change the hand towel hook (because it’s ugly). I think I’ll keep the metal hooks and probably the towel rack because they’re practical. I also will replace the shower caddy thing that hangs from the shower head with something and get rid of that tall corner rack altogether.

Another thing that needs work is the shower curtain rod, which the old tenant has supported by a ribbon and a screw in the ceiling. Of course.

IMG_2382I’ve been looking into what is best to do here. You can buy a metal piece that attaches to support the corner of a L-shaped shower curtain, but I’m wondering if just getting a new shower rod would make more sense. Especially since whoever installed either this or the shelf above the sink did so in a way that makes it hard for the curtain to be pulled all the way around. Also will need to see if this is something the super/management can help with or if it’s all on us.

Oof, this the part of this post where I’m realizing the bathroom isn’t the quickest and easiest to work on because check out this paint job:


Three shades of white! IΒ think I might just try to paint this myself since there isn’t that much that actually needs to be painted, but I’m worried about doing the ceiling.

And, finally, we have the requisite boob light:


I’d like to get something like this to replace the shelf behind the toilet (also need to replac the toilet seat, which I didn’t realize was so yellowed until taking these pics):

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 4.23.28 PM

I think something like that would look a lot cuter and more cohesive than what’s in there now. I already bought a black bathmat and two black wire baskets to go on the shelf above the sink (where the clementine crate is in the photos above).

So, yeah, that’s what we’re working with in the bathroom. Even with all the stuff I just called out about it above, generally, I like it and love that it has a huge window. I’m excited to write again once it’s in a different state (but probably with that weird duck tape still there).




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