Putting Stuff In Boxes

The last time I wrote here was about two weeks ago and I was struggling with figuring out whether we would be moving or not… Well, turns out we are. We’re not moving into what I had been referring to as the “big kitchen apartment” before. (Bear in mind, this was only New York “big,” which is to say “can fit a table and be comfortably hung out in.”) Instead, we are moving to a place right around the corner from where we are now that has a shared yard (a not very well kept shared yard, but I’ve got nothing right now!) AND *drumroll please* ALLOWS SMALL DOGS!!! No, we do not have a small dog, but we talk about getting one constantly so having the option alone already feels like a triumph. Also, I think I can fit a very small table in the kitchen.

Anyway, for the past few days, I’ve been putting stuff in boxes and now it’s the night before we start actually moving the stuff in the boxes and it feels like there’s SO MUCH LEFT. Can you be bad at moving or is everyone just bad at moving? There is a lot of confusion this time around, including the fact that apparently we are able to move tomorrow when a mere four hours ago I thought we had to wait to do most of it on Thursday. Yay management companies! :/

On the bright side.. uh… this will all be over soon? I’m ready to just BE there. On another possibly bright side, this coincided weirdly with the timing of me starting this blog, so it really feels like I have a fresh start as to what I’m sharing with the new apartment, especially because we are getting rid of some of very old hand-me-down or second-hand-and-has-also-lived-through-at-least-four-apartments furniture. I really want to start posting more photos on here, too. If you want to imagine what I would post right now, it’s a living room covered in junk and liquor store moving boxes.

Right now, I’m going to try to chill and watch This Is Us even though my mind is racing wondering how this is all gonna work out. Hoping that putting some of this down here will help!

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