This is perhaps the hardest blog post I’ve written. Yes, it’s the first one on this blog, but it’s not the first one ever. I blogged on and off starting around 2007 and ending around 2014 when I started a full-time job that takes up more time and energy than the hodgepodge of temp-work/part-time jobs/freelancing that I’d done since graduating college in 2011. During that time, I had, I think, three or four blogs (or versions of the same blog), called The Launderette. I’d also started an Etsy shop of the same name in which I sold vintage clothes.

I say all this to say… well, I’m not really sure. I guess, primarily, that I’m getting back on the saddle again and it felt weird to just jump right in to posting without some sort of starting message. That’s why this is so hard. Because while I know I can do whatever the hell I want, it feels weird to not set out some sort of purpose. And even though I know that whatever purpose I set out can be changed (because of course it can), it’s hard for me to get that through my head. (That’s something I’ll be working on, I suppose.)

Anyway, why am I here? The main reason is that I’ve always been someone who loves documenting things and who loves seeing the things other people have documented, so I want back in on that. I’m also hoping it serves as some sort of motivation. I plan to talk a lot about interior design/home decor on here, and I have some projects I want to document, so maybe this will be a way to be more organized and less lazy. I also want to get back into thrifting and using it as an alternative to buying as many new items, so that works into this somehow too.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe I’m being too formal about all this — I mean, I just wrote three paragraphs part of which is about the fact that I don’t really have to have written an intro post at all — but it just felt like the right way to do things, and I’m gonna try to keep up with just doing what feels right. (Also, I took a pitstop to go down a YouTube hole of old Spice Girls videos during this, so, really I’m not that formal at all. Check this one out — Victoria sings live!)

Okay, I think I’m done. I’ve finally started a blog again after years of saying I should again and it took until I had time off of work AND a sprained ankle that has left me pretty much housebound for the past couple of days. If that combo doesn’t take away all excuses, I don’t know what does.

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